Vairāgya| Abhyasa


1.12 - 1.13 vairāgyabhyam tat nirodhah | tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa

Practice can be a constant. Nature is my medicine.. Union of heart, and mind, whenever possible; let the soul speak. If you’d like to meet, let’s meet in the field between wrongdoings and rightdoings 🙏 


A memorable practice after a rather drained and emotional day, post-meeting from an interesting session with a “spiritual master”. One of the more jarring takeaway was that I realised I am not as firm nor grounded as I thought I could be. Humbling, nonetheless, to be shaken, thankful that I have practice to go back to. But also means more practice and grounding be stronger, and keeping heart full of goodness, and devotion.

In the same vein, filmed the new additions to the regular practice, second proper day in. Strange feeling to watch, but suppose it is also good to document, to remember the sensations better if I should revisit this again. Today I surrendered, let floodgates go.

The sun sets, the moon rises, the moon sets, and tomorrow the sun rises again,



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